Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Gonna try this!!!

OK, so one of my most favorite blogs has got me motivated!! At least in this department!!

OGT By Jillee: 7 Ways to Detox Natrually

I've read similar blog posts & such over the years, I even take epsom salt baths occasionally. But drinking the ACV? Hadn't tried that.
Need to find the organic instead of generic for full benefits!

Now, don't get me wrong, there are TONS of uses for ACV! But it's typically for cleaning that I've used it! Did you know if you dilute it with warm water, it'll get smashed Pop-tart out of carpet & couch cushions? Even takes most "mystery" stains out!! If it's kool-aid...I haven't figured out how to get that out yet, but it does lighten it to a harder to see pink! :-D

So, I'd not made any formal resolutions, other than get healthier. And I've decided ONE step at a time. I pinned THIS workout, then took a picture to make it the background on my phone to remind myself to DO it!! Now, to start, my goal is twice a day. I've managed it 3 days running! (And to know me is to realize the amazingness of that!!)

Once this is routine (2-4 weeks), then diet comes in. But not DIEt, just a change in eating, and newsflash to my family, but they're going along for the ride! Right now, I'm letting the stash of chips, cookies, etc fade to nothing. As we head to the store over the next few weeks, I simply won't replace the items. Then we're going to do South Beach . I did it before, years ago (and was never hungry or deprived, & found myself full of energy), and our financial status is ALL that kept me from continuing. That is no longer as much of an issue (plus I'm better at meal planning & shopping for deals!)

Now I know it seems weird, taking the kids along with me. But don't knock it til you've at least read the book. The idea of Phase to get past the cravings, a detox if you will. It's 2 weeks, then you add more foods back into the list & stick to phase 2 til you're at a healthy weight. For the rest of the family, I can go ahead to preparing foods from phase 3, as they don't have weight to lose, but it's phase 2 for me for awhile. And it's easier to fix phase 2 meals & add an item from 3 for them, than fix them a dinner I LOVE... & then have a plate of something different. Makes it a DIEt instead of healthy eating. Thus condemning me to failure....again.

So, exercise first. (While cleaning out the pantry) Then nutrition. Most folks do it the other way, but the easier thing for me is the nutrition. (Not that you can tell by looking!) Wish me luck!