Saturday, December 28, 2013

Out on a limb...

I just saw a snippet of a book that bashes society as a whole for focusing on sexuality of women. Specifically in focusing on their levels of purity, as if their virginity makes them worthwhile or lack thereof makes them worthless. The sentiment...up to a point, I can agree with. But discouraging young women to not hold onto their virginity as something for marriage is a mistake. One that I myself made, & I hope that my own daughter never makes. Would I ever condemn her or criticize her for that? NO!! And I hope my own two BFF's slap me if I ever make her feel like less of a person for any mistake or failure she may make or go through!

But that's the personal side of it. The hardest part for me is to combat society's idea that sexy means beautiful & not sexy means unattractive. I tell my daughter every day she's pretty... because she is sweet & kind. THAT is what makes her pretty. When she's being a little stink & whining & bossing...I tell her she's not being pretty. Because that's what it is. Pretty is a verb. At least in my own house.

As for virginity. It IS special. It's something that's precious & one time. Once it's gone, it is GONE! Can you have a successful marriage without it? Yes. So far I've managed 12 years of being pretty darn happy! But I feel a level of intimacy I could have had with my husband isn't there. And it never will be. I can't bring it back & I can't recreate what could have been. Does he love me? Very much so! I have not a doubt in my mind. We can talk about anything & we rarely argue (disagree, yes, argue, no....there's a difference).

But that "thing" isn't there. And I wouldn't have it with anyone else either. Because of what it is essentially formed from. That knowledge & learning of each other that you've never had to share with anyone else. Even if you don't resent others having been there first, you still, in the back of your mind, know you weren't first. You (as a human looking for reassurance & love) will doubt & wonder "who was better?" Even if it's something you never voice or actively consider. And I PRAY that my daughter never goes through that.

So yes, I will encourage her to "hold out" for her future husband. And I will pray that, whomever he might be, that he has parents who will encourage him to do the same for her sake. And that they'll know it's something special to be treasured. A gift if you will. Not their total value, or their worth, but something special that can't be given in any other way.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Day After Christmas

OK, so yes, technically YESTERDAY was the day after Christmas (can you see a theme going on here?) BUT, I think this can apply for a few extra days...thus the point of the song, right? I know hearing it yesterday definitely lifted MY spirits! Hope it does the same for you!!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas!!

So yes, it was yesterday, but just wanted to put it out there! 

 Aren't they just cute?

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tis the season...

Just a reminder to folks out there, yes, it IS Christmas time. For Christians around the world, it is a celebration of the birth of our savior. 

For millions around the world, it is NOT that holiday. 

Yes, I AM going to say Merry Christmas to folks, because that's what I am celebrating & I will not condemn or judge someone who says Happy Holidays or Winter Greetings, etc to me. 

How can I EVER expect to win someone to Christ if I don't put actions to words? A relationship with God is NOT about church services, or wearing the right clothes, reading the right books, etc. It's about the time YOU spend with God. So for those who do not have a relationship with Him, examine THAT, not what someone says you SHOULD be doing to "get right with God" by working or serving, etc.