Thursday, August 2, 2012

DIY Butler Bag insert

(note: it's late, I can't sleep yet, but I'm getting groggy so this will be bare bones until...sometime)

I refuse to pay $100 for a purse with all the pockets. I can't even stand the thought of spending the $40 or so that Avon sells them for when I've experienced the way the Avon ones fall apart so quickly.
But I hate carrying a purse because this is what it looks like on a GOOD day.

So I decided to go back to elementary school crafts and make my own divider to go into a purse I already own. That's right- bust out those plastic canvas sewing skills!
 I just went the lazy route and picked up a three sheet pack for about $3 at Wal-mart when I was already there for groceries.
 There wasn'ty much in the planning this thing out department- I guestimated the bottom piece, and then started figuring out the sides and compartment pieces one by one. Then I heard Karen's voice in my head telling me to think about what order to put it together- you don't want the last bit to be you trying to shove your hand inside the smallest compartment.
 So I started with the little corner bit to hold pens- got the two inner pieces that would attach to a corner and whip-stiched them together.

 When you reach the end of a bit, just run the yarn back through a few stitches so you don't have knots sticking out everywhere.
 Then I stitched the bits to the end piece.
 See? It almost looks like a something! More stitching of small bits to sides and/or other bits...
 and maybe this is starting to look like something.
 Nit-pickers may notice that one section isn't as tall as the rest- I used only one sheet for this, and that's the piece I had left for this one bit, so it's good enough for government work in my book.
 Then I made sure to go around the top edges so I don't scratch my hands on any less-than-smooth plastic.
And approximately 4 hours in real time, or one hour of crafting mixed in the middle of yelling at the dog to leave the damn squirrel alone, answering the phone, getting a snack, some random bouts of cleaning, yelling at the damn squirrel to leave the dogs alone, more phone calls, bathroom breaks and general not-staying-on-taskery, I have a semi-pro looking organizer for my purse. The hardest part was threading the needle with the yarn. Seriously. Fourth grade level skills here. :)


  1. And Kayreen- your voice was in my head the whole time! I even stopped and re-thought a few steps because "you" nagged me to use my brain :)

  2. Hee hee! Isn't that what I'm there for? ;-)

    So...when I get home...I am PINNING this! LOL!

  3. I love your creativity. And I dearly love humor mixed within the creativity. Thanks!

  4. love the project and the humor necessary for crafting within the confines of a busy life!