Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Syl and Sam: 240: tutorial - dry water marble nails

I've GOT to try this! Even if no marbling...I wanna try the method! Seriously!

Syl and Sam: 240: tutorial - dry water marble nails: Remember the water marbled nails tutorial ? What a pain in the butt, eh? I got some great tips from my last post but it's still a bit of...

Camp Wander: Old Fashioned Lavender Milk Bath with Epsom Salt

Love this blog! Though I can't afford the oils...it gives me some nifty ideas now & again! My take on this one...I use Epsom salts that are already scented from Walgreens. I have lavender & eucalyptus & plain (for ginger/cinnamon soaks). I get all of my prescriptions there, so I get 500 bonus reward points for each one, which leads to being able to get my stuff for FREE sometimes! I like free. :-D Now to try the soaking with the milk. Maybe. Sounds weird, but it's worth trying at least once I suppose. :-) Or maybe one of you can do it & let me know! LOL!

Camp Wander: Old Fashioned Lavender Milk Bath with Epsom Salt: Cleopatra, and other sophisticated ladies have bathed in milk for centuries. While it may seem like wasteful decadence , there...

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Try new paint colors, without actually painting

Me: "You know what I dreamed about doing last night?"
Him: (creeped out, puzzled look) "uh, what?"
Me: "Painting the trim chocolatey brown and the door blue."

Me: (pondering in the back of brain for a while) "!!HEY!! I can paint craft paper, stick it on the door, and we can see what tardis blue on the door would look like for reals!!" (insert my so- not-cool - super - genius dance here. (it was epic, btw))

I'd show a picture through the screen door with this up, but the sun is behind the house at this point, and all you can see in a pic is the glass reflecting either the street or the flash. But it does make a pretty good representation of what the final product would look like. 
Seeing as there's a screen door on the front, just slapping some paint on some craft paper after getting it in my best approximation of Tardis blue from memory in a $3 sample can and masking-taping it to the door *should* give us a pretty good look at what the door will be like if we do this. Or should I say, if *I* do this. I found plenty of digital paint simulators online, but most of the only do the interior rooms, and the two I found for Exteriors, well, they showed the brown trim very well, but failed miserably when it came time to show the blue door. So, since he's at the range today, he will come home to seeing what the door will look like in blue, probably have a serious WTF moment, and then I can monolog about my ingenious idea. >:)
nothing I did made it look both blue and not like a blind toddler with chalk went at that door. But the trim looks pretty realistic. Not bad for covering over crazy-magenta.