Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Why the existence of God, god or gods is irrelevant to me

SO as I'm lying there tonight  I was pondering all sorts of things. Like a story line for a childrens' book about how there came to be people of so many different colors. And how I have yet to actually write out that last idea for a childrens' book about monsters under the bed. I should get on that. But I need an artist. Because my drawing looks like that of a toddler. And for kids' books, art really is a major piece of the story. I digress...

Mostly what I ponder when I should be sleeping is hypotheticals and philosophical ideas. Because that's the sort of big thinking that can get the brain to cry "uncle" and go to sleep. Most of the ...ok, not nearly as often as I'd like, but it SOMETIMES works. Tonight was not one of those sometimes. Tonight is also one of those sometimes where spell check is an absolute must. Or yous gyus would neevr eb able to read thsi. There's one uncorrected line for you. You see how bad it is when all these thoughts are racing in my head?! Where's my friggin interobang?

But tonight's thoughts center on why I think it is irrelevant whether or not there really is a god. I do, in fact, think there is ... SOMETHING. I just don't believe enough in coincidence to look at the patterns in cells and atoms and discount the idea of a guiding nudge at the very least when those same patterns are written across the universe on a scale so large it makes the top of my skull feel squeezey.  (No, spell check, queasy is not the word I'm looking for there. )  I think it is irrelevant because good is not something that can or even SHOULD be forced. And how many people do we all know that "do good" publicly because they profess to believe in Jesus  and Heaven and don't want to burn in Hell but are really nasty, hateful shites whenever they let the mask slip?  I can force a kid to share and not hit, but they will be baleful and angry about it. The kid that shares because they have learned that it increases the fun they have to share the fun with someone else...well, on the surface, both the meanie and the nicer one are sharing, but who is getting the most out of their day? The one afraid of getting in trouble, or the one living their own fun and experiencing the fun of a friend too?

I don't need or want a Heaven. I have enough right here. And I intend to live as best as I can, and share as much light as I can manage while I'm here. And I will screw up. And I won't beat myself up over it. And I won't say "it's ok". I'll say "I want to do better next time". Not because God, god, Flying Spaghetti Monster or Batman or Santa is watching over me, waiting for me to screw up, but because Heaven is really a state of mind, and one that can only be found when you share it.

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  1. See? This is where propaganda from "other" Christians make MY faith look bad. So that folks like my precious Amii end up with these feelings. It hurts me. Yes, I believe there's a Hell & a Heaven & I know which one I'm going to. Not because I bow down & worry over doing right, but because I accepted what God had to offer. I do what's right...because it is. I teach my kids to share to get that more enjoyment out of things. Yes, they have to learn to, and eventually God. I have a loving relationship with God & I can tell Him my troubles, but yes, He does have expectations of me. Just like I have a loving relationship with my children & yet have expectations for them. Will I punish them for wrongdoing? Yes. Do I love them less for that wrongdoing? No. I know that having a piss poor Earthly set of parents can have an impact on some folks. I had a hard time reconciling God in my mind as a father've met my dad, you understand. The book, The Shack, let me see that God can be what I need Him to be. Even if I still say Him...I can put Him (in my mind at least) in the position of a mother figure...& mine is pretty darn cool! I'm not saying that everyone has to believe as I do, you know that's not how I am. But I get so...annoyed, when I feel as if the main stream Christian message has gotten skewed from what the message SHOULD be! God only has 2 "rules"...Love God First, Love others as yourself. That's it. That's all. Accepting Jesus means you don't go to Hell, and if once you have, you mess up, because we all mess up, then God will accept the I want to do better, but it'll also mean you're not going at it all by yourself!

    Now, I'm sure that was a big rambling mess of, well, Karen-isms! Thank goodness you can read that! Love my Amii! And I really want you in Heaven with me someday. Not in Hell. Because those are the options. And I love you too much to just let it slide, but I'm not gonna make you believe it because I want you to so badly, but because YOU want to!