Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How did I never learn about powdered buttermilk before now??

Powdered Buttermilk for baking

Seriously. I love baking, but hate trying to keep buttermilk on hand, both because of the wastefulness of only using a half to one cup before it spoils, and because i never think about needing it when I go grocery shopping. And then, I find out about this wonderful stuff, just by happening to read along the random links in a recipe about easy breads. Amazon is out of the 3 pack (who really needs 3 cans anyhow?) but some quality grocery stores (NOT Wally World, at least not around here) stock it and other brands of the same regularly. I need to track some down!
 *** update: wally world started stocking this recently, over by the powdered milk, for about $5 a can!***

for some odd internety reason, I can't log in and comment on our own blog! but here's some alternatives I've found, and also, they make a heavy cream powder, too!
Powder heavy Cream Substitute

1 lbs. bag of powdered buttermilk

Bob's Red Mill brand powdered buttermilk

Seeing as Bob's Red Mill is in on the action, I may be able to find it at Natural Grocers locally, or there's always an excuse to run down to Ft. Collins (Which is oddly like the Yellow Springs of Ohio)

OOH! OOH! OOH! Barry Farm Foods on Amazon has all these, and lots of other baking goodies (whole powdered eggs, anyone? Black Lentils? Arrowroot? Powdered egg whites? You know, ALL the stuff you can't easily find at wally world)

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  1. Amen to that!! Let me know where you find it!
    Now, is there powdered half & half? THAT is stuff I need!