Saturday, February 15, 2014

Use Old Socks to Keep Pants Contained for Tall Boots

I don't know what it is, but I wear out the the bottoms of my socks ALL.THE.TIME. (Ok, ok, I DO know what it is- I wear socks everywhere with no shoes while I'm at home, even taking out the trash. Hush.)  I normally save the tops of them for sock buns, but there are only so many you need lying about for that. And i have seen the trick of using the tops to make fitted cuffs for jackets, that's nice and all, but I don't have jackets that need that done. But I figured out another use: tame the jeans when I want to wear tall boots. I can't find mitten clips, and using normal blousing straps (military stuff that holds the legs of ABU's or ACU's neatly) means I either get a digging in spot if I got for the narrow ones, doubled up, or a huge lump that's too loose to do much good if I try the wide elastic ones. Because, ya know, they're meant for guys' legs. Soooo.... I'll just leave this right here:


  1. If I could ever find boots that fit over my calves...this is pretty nifty!

  2. I will need to remember this for Andrea. I have a hard time finding tall boots that aren't too tall, but Andrea inherited her father's height and loves boots.