Wednesday, April 23, 2014

$6 DIY pin boards on a desk

 I love my rolltop desk. That being said, it had a serious flaw: ME. I tend to have lots of small projects going at once, and I make notes for later on small bits of paper, and then stick those bits EVERYWHERE. I knew that pin boards would be a good idea for me to use, but didn't want to take up any more of the limited wall space in the office room (which features Chris's Wall O'Me- his awards and diplomas and such from his military career). Also, I'm lazy, and if that pin board was across the room, I'd likely never look at it, or use it. Let's be honest, lazy wins, every. single. time. And then an idea started fermenting in the back of my brain. I've got these shapely little bits just sitting here all plain and stuff...

and they make thin cork tiles....
yes. Let's hook that puppy up. A quick paper template, some slicing with a razor, double sided sticky squares (which came in the pack of 4 tiles), and suddenly, the little pile o junk building up behind my monitor and taking over my desk now has a home. I even have room to tuck the tape gun out of the way now. And then I started tackling the mess on the TOP of the rolltop desk. Organization? Yeah, I guess that's okay.

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  1. Yup, lazy definitely wins!! Thus the disaster that is my home! Granted, I have 4 against one in keeping it tidy. :-)

    This is nifty...I'm stealing this idea for the hutch on the back of my desk!! Maybe I can get enough junk off of it to actually have room for my computer again!