Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Birthday Fun

So, my daughter turned 5 last weekend. And she LOVES Princess Sofia. So guess what I had to find?

My mother, THANK GOD, was able to sew her a dress that looked like it would survive more than 5 minutes.

The fun part, I wanted to marble the color of the batter. So I made my batter, split it into two bowls, colored, then alternated pouring them in & ran my spatula through it to make some swirls!

Turned out AWESOME!!
 Of course, I was going with my heart cake plan again. Very simple actually. Take a square cake, turn it at an angle, take a round cake, cut in half, place each half on a side of square & voila...big heart! Then I happen to have a small heart pan, so I just stacked it on top!

She LOVED her cake!!
Now of course, we had to set the theme with more than cake. Thank goodness for Hobby Lobby candy molds & cookie cutters!!
Chocolate Princess Pretzels

Sugar cookies
With buttercream icing & sprinkles

Plain 'ol PB&J!


I was proud of my stands...thank you dollar store candle holders & plates!

Her friends had such a good time & so did she! I think everyone came together on the theme!
Good night little princess

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