Friday, August 17, 2012

So, no shit, there I was with a handful of smoothie...

So I finally get off the phone with our office staff, finally got the fragging contrary vehicle from Thursday sorted out (ps, when you work with vehicles, don'tcha think the VIN number would be the one thing you make absolutely sure you typed in correctly??) sigh.... there I was, standing in the kitchen, making myself a green monster smoothie. And you know how sometimes the ice in your drink will suddenly slosh forward and smack you in the mouth? Well, my smoothie tried out that move. And before my brain could react to "oh shit oh shit the lid's coming off oh shit oh shit oh shit" my other hand shot out and tried to catch. I ended up with a handful of smoothie, a counter full of smoothie, and all down the side of the stove of smoothie. I just HAD to decide to make an extra big one today to share with Daisy & Damien. Oh yeah. Friday, why you suck so hard? You not Monday! I am cleaning up, it's all in my socks, down my pants legs, all down the front of the cabinet (because in 10 seconds it goes from very firm mostly frozen to liquid melting everywhere, of course.) and I'm trying to figure out how to get the pile still on the counter to the dogs, because, hey, not gonna waste all that smoothie. Well, between you and me, I'll admit I just took my hand and splatted it to the floor. Fark it, there's already a mess, might as well take the easy route. They don't care, they'll lick up anything even remotely like food anyways, and well, it's Friday godsbedamnit. I took a pic of the impressive mess, but in true to crappy day fashion, it didn't save to my camera properly. /headdesk /iquit /where'sthefrigginrum? /icouldn'tmakethisshitupifItried


  1. I will not laugh, I will not laugh, I will not laugh....oh forget it, I'm losing it! ROFL!!! I have to agree, Fridays should NOT suck like that, or like it has today. Blah! *hugs* Hope the dogs enjoyed!

    Random though, do those taste OK? Was thinking of trying. What's your recipe?

  2. I didn't even try not to laugh. I was glad to see that I wasn't the only one who had a screw it all day. My was Thursday, but I still understand the feeling.