Monday, August 20, 2012

This is my highly technical green monster recipe

Hey, I found where the pic went!This is halfway through cleanup!
The biggest chunk of the mess was on the lid and in my hand!
The dogs were SOOOO happy! (I was soooo "screw you, Friday!"

two handfuls of spinach.
two handfuls of frozen fruit of any variety.
one cup-ish of yogurt of any flavor (I buy the tub of vanilla and just use a big glob)
one cup of milk (this is the only thing that actually gets measured, because we don't keep milk around and I mix up powdered milk for it)
one small glob of honey (or lately in my case, one spoonful of crystallized honey, still works!)
one frozen banana

bland that ish until it's smoothie-like. (you may need to pause after a few sec's of blending to push it down the sides)

See? Technical.

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