Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's a good day

I know the day is still young, but it IS a good day. Did we come up with all the money we need? No. Do I know what we're going to do? No.
My husband & daughter (to quote Melodie) have "been workin all day outside"
She helped him replant his ghost pepper plant in a larger container. And she's wearing panties & no accidents! She's been silly, funny, and just in a general good mood! The boys aren't home, but I know they're having a good time w/Momaw & Popaw.
Later today, we'll be off on a dress hunt! Mellie is gonna be a flower girl in a wedding, so the bride & I are off to find that one dress...on a budget! After all, she's a recent college graduate with only a minor job at this point, so we do these things!
I"m determined that I WILL accomplish some of the things I've pinned on Pinterest. Really! I'm not doing all that bad. I need to win Publisher's Clearing House so I'll have time to do all this stuff that will save me money!! ROFL! How ironic, no? I have to work & earn money, but to save money means I don't have time to do all the things that would help me save!!
Of course, if I could sell a bit more Avon, life wouldn't be too bad. I've broken even at this point, and that's good, as the money I've spent is on samples & small versions of products to use for make-over parties. It's an idea. Of course, haven't scheduled any yet, other than my own, which isn't til Nov 17! (Either of you being in town would be awesome!! You'll be my guinea pigs!)
OK, that's enough computer time...let's see what I can get accomplished today before Megan calls to go find the dress!

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  1. ps, Now that I'm not selling, I need a hook-up for my roll-on deodorant. (The SSS Fresh & Smooth)- I only buy it once a year or so, when it gets down to .89 or so, but then I stock up, because 10.00 for a stick of the certain dry or clinical strength whathaveyou just doesn't work for me. And those just don't work for me. Which is bs. For 10.00 a stick, that ish should be folding socks. or something. And I'm about out of mascara. dangit. What's your weblink?