Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas tree sparkles, made@home for not much $

Today's project: make the most of the lights that are on the pre-lit Christmas tree.

Since our tree is kinda thin, kinda lackluster, I decided to use a pin and make some reflective ornaments to add extra sparkle to our tree this year. Plus, our living room can be rather dark, so bring on the bling!

Hot Glue Gun and glue sticks (I used 5 sticks for 50 mirror ornaments)
Silver or clear string or laces ( I used clear craft lacing which I already had on hand from Halloween projects- $2.77 for 100 yards)
1" mirror tiles- I found round ones at Michaels  for $1.99 per bag of 25. I bought 4 bags, and used this week's coupon for 25% off the entire purchase (which was nice, as I ended up replacing my glue gun as it was old and not heating well)

Cut the string or laces into roughly 6" lengths- 100 tiles makes 50 finished ornaments.
Get your glue gun heating up and set out half of your tiles face down, and half face up. Laying these all out neatly helps you to move quickly once you start in with the glue.

Take the first lace, hold the ends together between your thumb and index fingers, leaving your other fingers free to stabilize your bottom tile.
Add a small dot of glue and stick the ends of the laces or string in it and quickly  stick a face up tile on top. Hold for 2-3 seconds while pressing down to make sure you get a nice seal.
Pull off any stringy glue and set aside to finish cooling. Rinse and repeat. Lots and lots of repeat.
Just be sure you don't stick your fingers IN the glue as you're doing this, and you'll be done in no time. OK, admittedly, it's something like 20 minutes to do 50 ornaments.  I'd suggest nap time if you have any littles running about that would want to "help" as this is not a project suited to tiny hands. It might not be suited to MY hands either as I have a tendency to get hot glue on my fingers. But those with more grace should find this an easy one, and coming in at $10 or less, easy on the wallet.

Since we aren't ready to put the tree up just yet, I gave a thought to storing these- just gather them all up on a finger and slip a twist tie through the loops to contain them to an easy to manage bundle.

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