Monday, November 12, 2012

Now THAT is a wreath!

I still don't know if it will go above the tv or on the front door (it would have to get hung on the outside of the storm door as the gap between the main door and storm door is very small) but I finally have a wreath I like! I almost have full feeling back in my index fingertips, too! (OW! Hot  being the operative word in hot glue. And that junk won't stay put!) But very worth the effort, and considering the inspiration one was $66 plus about $20 in shipping from etsy, I think even spending what I ended up on it (about 50- the majority was the 17.99 plus 10 bucks shipping for the team ornaments) I came out ahead. I did use a few cone ornaments I had on hand already, and I already had the ribbon. Which got all cut up to become filler-puffs and the bow.  Ok, and I needed to pick up a new bag of hot glue sticks ($7 for a bag of 100 sticks), but I've got about half of that left. Which means I need more projects...:D


  1. Pretties! Now I have received my present...and I'm actually wearing, so if you have pictures of your handiwork, feel free to post, won't be giving it away! ;-)

  2. Cool wreath. Can't wait to see a picture of it hanging in the house.