Friday, November 23, 2012

When putting up the tree....


:) Karen, you probably could have warned me about this ahead of time. Ruby, you'd probably be covered in glitter right along with me, but likely far more ok with it :)

I decided to try out this pin: Paper Tree Topper

Lovely, tutorial, surprisingly easy. What they didn't mention: YOU WILL HAVE GLITTER EVERYWHERE!

I did not have pre-glittered cardstock on hand, but I did have spray adhesive and ultra fine glitter. so I made my own. Was that the reason it ended up everywhere? Not sure. I do know all the glitter cardstock I've seen in stores had lots of loose glitter in the pack as well, so maybe I would have looked like I got glitter-bombed either way. But it was a cute idea, and I think this will solve my "what the heck do I plunk on the top of the tree?!" issue. Last year I made a big bow. Also the year before saw a big bow. Blah. This year will likely see one of these. In foil paper. Because I am decidedly NOT a fan of having glitter everywhere....yes, EVERYWHERE. You can't get rid of it! GAH! (editor's note: I found some in my skivvies when I changed into!)

Edit: In an effort to reset my sleep patterns for <this week at least> a little while, I decided to just stay up tonight. Boredom kicked in oh about 5 minutes after Chris went to bed. So I learned (or in some cases re-learned a few tips about putting up the tree.
1. If your tree skirt is huge, it will look funny on a normal tree. It will also make your resents, no matter how many, look inferior and/or like slim pickings. My tree skirt is made for a *very* large tree. We have a 5 1/2 footer. Twist that ish about until it is the same width as the lowest branches. Or even a bit smaller. Seriously. That looks ok in the pic right? There are 3 sections folded up in the back.

2. DO NOT lay pieces of your artificial tree in progress on the couch. This is year I don't know, he had this thing for years before I moved in on this poor tree-that-could. It sheds. Nearly as much as a real tree that ain't been watered. Ever. And my special self laid the top two sections on the couch while I was fluffing the lower bit. *AGAIN*. This leads to cussing. and #3

3. While decorating the tree may be a beautiful family tradition, or a nice one to start, as the case may be, putting the *(%%#$* thing together is best done by the one with the most patience after everyone else is either asleep or gone. Both if you can swing it. Liberal application of rum is highly recommended.

4. If your tree is not pre-lit, buy the biggest bottle of rum you can find. I cursed a blue streak just putting this one up, and it was on its best behavior. (and pre-lit) If I had needed to untangle lights and wrap those puppies around it, there might have been mayhem. As it was, Damien is giving me funny looks.
"I'm not sure what just happened, but I'm sure it's my fault. And I'm sorry. So, so sorry."

Ok, so that wasn't him tonight, but it seemed appropriate. He was totally making that face again.  Daisy curled her lip at the tree, so it's not just me, it really is evil.

5. When putting up a Christmas tree, especially by yourself, or even worse, hindered by others, be sure to reward yourself for a job survived with a liberal application of rum. Sweet, sweet rum....
I just realized I never update with the final product-
2012's Superheroes Christmas tree
(with some Packers ornaments for kicks)


  1. ROFL!!! Mine took 45 minutes...tops. WITH 3 kids helping! It's pre-lit PLUS two more strands of lights. No cursing or rum needed. I'll post a pic!

  2. i bet you thought that figment of your imagination was there too ! ;)

  3. Actually, he wasn't there! THAT'S why it was so easy! LOL!