Tuesday, February 26, 2013

$20 to floor-to-ceiling curtain time

One of those other projects that happened while my computer was KIA? Curtains for the bedroom. I wanted something nice and luxe looking. I wanted to not be broke. These things are not usually compatible, but with tablecloths, and some clip rings, it happened. I still need to hem them just a bit, but for now, it's WAY way WAAAYYYYY better looking than the silly, short green ones that were up there.

Here's the before:
I know, I know, terrible lighting. I failed to take a specific picture BEFORE, so this is what you get; a picture from when we repainted the entire house, showing the hallway, that just happens to show those old curtains in the background. At least it's looking at the same window as:
YAY! Pretty, flowy, floor-to-ceiling, actually makes the window look decently-sized curtains!

4 - 60" x 102" mainstays white tablecloths (Wal-mart) @ $9.96 each (yep, two windows to do in the room, conveniently located in corners, just to make me &&$#^%$!)

4 - packs of clip rings @ something like $2.86 a pack. This was a bonus since I didn't want to add back-tabs. Which I could have done for less than the rings, but I prefer the easy route. See Pinterest if you want to know how to add ribbon tabs to the back of curtains (or tablecloths). I'm sure I have that pinned.

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  1. You do have the tabs pinned...and so do I! I'm gonna have to find me SOMEthing for my kitchen windows! The sunlight in the mornings....RIGHT into my bedroom!! And trying to fix breakfast...is a hazard to anybody else's health, cause Momma can't see!!