Monday, February 25, 2013

$4 Springtime Wreath

I know it's been a long time since I posted- my poor little computer decided to die a while ago- fisrt a windows update caused an error that deleted all the languages except for wingdings...

which made actually USING the computer rather impossible. And then, for the encore, my hard drive decided to burn a sector (yes, burn, as in scorched, unusable patch) while trying to load windows in from scratch. Windows, suitably freaked out, showed me lots of doom & gloom messages about imminent failure of borky hard drive.

So I ordered a new hard drive, even decided to go the upgrade route and get a solid state drive- much faster type of drive less prone to death by useage. By the time that got here, well, it was tax time, and a lucky sale, the promise of guidance and help from a techy friend, meant I bought the pieces to build my own significantly-better-than-anything-i-could-buy-premade computer. Tomorrow should see the install of the last little cord that wasn't included with the dvd-rom drive (ps, tech companies, INCLUDE THE NECCESSARY CORDAGE!) and the start of what I hope is the beautiful love story of one girl and her new idiot box. That is hopefully not so idiot-y. And I can stop using Chris's computer. His is nice an all, and plays SWTOR so much better than my old tonka toys version of a computer ever dreamed of playing it, but it's... just so not set up to my preferences. And his desk is... uncomfortable. And my camera hates his computer too, which is why the no-posty. It's a pain to upload to facebook from my phone and then save to the computer and then upload to the web again... bleh. So here is my latest craft (that I can post about and adequately show with just one picture):

$4 Springtime Wreath

(and just for laughs, I'm having a devil of a time getting this single picture to upload)
(no, no, interwebs, keep it up, I LIKE things not working properly)
(/sigh, this stupid thing isn't going to upload tonight. maybe tomorrow?)

(update: it was the browser I was using- evil, evol IE. Rescue courtesy of Chrome)

3 bunches of white tulips, $3 total
1 (?idk wtf type of sticks make this thing, but it's cute) wreath base $1
Dollar Tree special, saving that weird space above the tv since the Packers Christmas ornament wreath is down until next Christmastide. 

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  1. Right now, I hate computers. Could be because mine at work is a piece of junk, just maybe! :-)