Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dirty Dishes Printable

I saw some cute printables floating around Pinterest today, and since it's snowing (which means no photographing cars) I decided one of my projects would be to make one to fit an oddball frame I had laying about. And then I felt bad about trying to pretty up the kitchen while a mess was laying there, so I got those dirty dishes dealt with :)
(and it seems my picture issues are more than just that one. back to server errors when i try ANY pictures...off to find help..)
(and help FAQ's basically told me what I already knew: Internet Explorer is a lame web browser. Chrome to the rescue!)

UPDATE: here's a link to the file  Dirty Dishes Printable

So here's my "pretty, colorful wall" in my kitchen, which saves the plain gray & white from being boring.

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  1. This is why work will stink soon! Only IE here. No Chrome, no Firefox...and Google niftiness on somethings will no longer be available!! I gots me 20+ years to go here peoples...let's step it up! ;-)