Saturday, July 21, 2012

Excited about work?

Signing up to be a co-seller of Avon (so I can go to Christmas Extravaganza in Indy Aug 15!!) & going to be an unofficial behind the scenes seller of Party Lite as well. We're going to call our business It's a Family Thing Candles & Cosmetics. Since its me, Julie, & her daughter Jess. We have a make-up party scheduled for the 28th, & one in Aug. and I'm working on getting PCBC to do a brochure fund-raiser, which will expose us to community & make me a few bucks to catch up on bills! So far, my "investment" (samples mainly to do party) is about $20, & the $10 to officially be a co-seller. Though I'm being smart & tracking what Avon I buy for myself, as that's earnings too! IF I do like last campaign & my sales cover my order! But I think I'd like to "make" some money too, so, let's see how I do if I work at it!! The joy of a group...Julie can hit the businesses & leave books! I can find deals on tools & such (cause disposable make up stuff, you can find the deals if you're a Google nut!!) Jess is just joining in on a minor scale, adding orders here & there, but if she gets a $20 that kicks us up a %, woo hoo!! Well, speaking of such, we're organizing an incoming order & ironing out profit details & such today, so I'd better get dressed!!

Did I mention for Halloween my daughter is going back & forth on the witches from Wizard of Oz?! The pink is obvious, but hearing her run around & say "I'll get you my pretty!" and laugh is awesome!!

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