Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Just a little nervous

OK, so I'm doing a presentation in an hour in front of a church council to try to convince a bunch of old fogies that doing an Avon fundraiser is a good idea to make money for our church. I can say old, b/c my mother is on it! LOL! BUT, she won't be there today.
So why am I nervous? I've known most of these people for 20+ years! I've danced VBS songs in front of them, organized events, and sang specials with them all there!
Still trying to figure out the nerves! Maybe because I feel like if this flops, I'll have wasted a lot of time & money (that I don't have) in an effort to make some extra, while helping my church family at the same time. *sigh*
I've got a printed version of a power point (not tech savvy figured hands on a better concept for them). Charts, examples, books. FAQ's already printed & reviewd a bazillion times so I can answer any question I think they'll come up with.
It'll go great, right?

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  1. Wow, that was a bust! Sort of. Due to a worry of "commercializing" the go! BUT, if I still want to contribute, I can donate a portion of my sales over a campaign to the church. I can make an announcement & have extra books available & people can contact me directly if they want to order. SO, pretty much the SAME thing happening...but I'll do all the work by myself & the church will just accept the money.

    JUST because they had a bad experience with a salesperson years ago hasseling them for a list of customers (I have a church directory...I can already contact all of them individually if I want!)...I get flack for it! BUT, because I think this WILL raise money for MY church that MY kids go to & that it'll help those that DO care...I'm going to do it. And I bet my Sunday School class (none are on Church Council) jumps in to help me with open arms! So I just have to have a little faith right now. Wanted you to know what was going on with this, but didn't want a seperate blog for it (in case it ever got followed by someone other than us)