Wednesday, July 18, 2012

So I'm attempting to actually USE those pins...

So far, I've used about 5  of my oodles and oodles of Pinterest pins.
My pan lids now live under the cabinet in the corner, looking like little flying saucers. I have no idea where that pin went, but two cup hooks and your pan lids can hide under the upper cabinets, in easy reach of the stove, and not cluttering up the actual cabinet space. I managed to put 3 more casserole dishes in the most - accessible cabinet once I moved the lids out.
Yep, that's my messy counter're missing out on the stuff I just yanked to the side for the picture...the random pitcher, the one remaining lid that has yet to get a hanging spot because I ran out of cup hooks, the plastic bags that just got washed and are ready to reuse... I wasn't planning on showing you my REAL kitchen, but since I can't find that pin to link to, there you go. Since this is a corner cabinet, the lids all fit under it and it has yet to experience the "I'm trying to cram too much on this counter top and it got bumped and knocked down" feeling. And yes, that's my bottle of fully crystallized honey- anyone know how to get it back to flowing when you can't microwave the bottle?

I started my celery end in water today, hoping I won't need to buy any more. I got that idea here: Grow celery from celery Now if I can only figure out what to do with the bit I have left before it goes bad.

I made my own cleaning calendar, but mostly it just tells me what chore I don't feel like doing today. At least it is a happy blue accent in the kitchen right now. Since I have one of those mythical better half / partners / statistically significant other / zombie apocalypse team leader type guys that really, honestly, helps around the house, I may need to take another crack at it and make something more along the lines of "this needs to be done in a given week" cross-off lists.

I tried that t-shirt folding trick, but this is how I already fold t-shirts, and the drawers in the dresser are not tall enough to accommodate this way of stacking them in the drawer. Which is a shame, really, as his t-shirts occupy 4 out of the 6 drawers. Nope, I don't actually use the dresser- I don't actually use "his" closet in the bedroom either. This house was built in 1956. While our closets are really spacious in 1956 terms, I have a lot of clothing. He has a lot of uniforms. And boots. Why the man needs that many pairs of boots, I can't fathom. Maybe we'll get closet systems for Christmas. Any of those would be really helpful. (HINT HINT HINT HINT! I'm looking at you Ma- you always ask what we want for Christmas, and I have yet to see a closet organizer gift card! I'm actually serious when I say that! I can't help that you raised a weird child.)

Speaking of bedrooms, my blankies are all nice and smelly-goody thanks to making my own Febreeze. One of the nest pins out there, in my (sort-of but not really) humble opinion.

Next task is finding proper-sized baskets to try this number.  No, not that crazy shower curtain, the baskets!

Our bathroom is TINY. And I want to get my bottles and goos and brushes into a more organized state, which means finding ways to get more things OUT of our poor, overworked cabinet.
That's one sad looking cabinet right there. It doesn't help that the bottom shelf is at eye level. So the second and top shelves are not terribly easy to reach. I probably shouldn't use the hamper as a step stool, either. But what is youth, if not to do stupid things now that you can tell stories about later? Except that probably falls under the heading of "Things I shouldn't admit to doing". :P

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  1. I may have to try that top one. We don't really have a good place to store the lids to all the great pots that we got for our wedding. I get nervous putting them in the same place that we have the pans because I'm afraid they will get broken, so I usually leave them out and then Mark comes behind me and puts them away. This way I could put them somewhere I feel is safe.
    I have done a lot of the crafting related stuff and will have to do some of my own pictures. I plan on using somoe of them at Andrea's sleep over next weekend. The girls will be making thier own dry erase boards to hand in their lockers this year at school. I think we may also try the nail decal thing that I found today.