Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Oily skin hero!

OK, this is a plug for my new favorite Avon skin cream! Shameless promotion of a product I sell! But hear me out, I don't.  do.  skin cream.  EVER.  Not ever. I'll struggle through with some sunscreen, but it all turns my face into one big shiny slick mess! Then comes winter, still with the oily mess happening, but with flakiness I can attribute to FUN Kentucky weather!

But THIS...THIS stuff is glorious! For this entire summer, I've been using this (the oil-free version, of course) & my face feels awesome! Yes, I still have breakouts, hormones are wonderful things, after all, but it's not due to this in any way, as it comes & goes with my normal regularity!!

Now, there's more nifty products in the same line, of course. But nothing I can personally vouch for, other than I know Avon is good stuff! I've never had a product NOT do what it's supposed to! This is just me personally. Yes, I sell the stuff, but I sell it because I love it!

 Now, of course, you can order it from me! Along with a number of other awesome Avon product! I'll TRY not to shamelessly post about my business TOO often, but if I love it, you'll know about it!

 My Avon Store

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