Friday, August 23, 2013

They SELL that?

OK, so I got my advertising email from Sam's club today. I scroll through the things on sale & then I stop & have to do a double take. There's a 1yr emergency food supply kit for a single person. I had to click on that, just to see. And off to the side while on their site, I see more options available. 72 hr 2 person kits. 1 yr for 4 people. All over the spectrum. I just had a moment of ...hmm, they SELL those?

Now I understand that there are folks prepared for emergencies. I have extra cans of food & jugs of water in my basement. I've lived through week long power outages due to inland winds from Katrina & a major ice storm. I understand be prepared, on a small scale. I understand the need or desire to stock up for a long term emergency. But I thought it'd be something you do yourself. Extra cans here, extra batteries there. Slowly build up something substantial to keep your family going.

But I guess it's kinda neat to see a way for a non-planner to just go out & buy it & have it there. Ready. And I say non-planner as in someone who just doesn't do well with logistics, not that they don't think ahead. There's a difference.
Watch me go out & get one of the smaller pails next time too! I have 5 people in my house, wouldn't hurt! I mean seriously, I live in part of tornado alley, there's a fault line running through my city, & the river valley gets some of the funkiest weather imaginable someday! And if the winter holds true...Dec 2004-2 ft snow. Jan 2009-ice storm. I say this winter has a chance of being...icky.

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