Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dip It, Dip it good!

I was pinning (so surprising, I know) & a recipe for salsa roll ups caught my eye. Which sounds yummy for Saturday (day after food shopping) for lunch for me & the kiddos! Then I got to thinking about what to take for our family reunion on Labor Day (also celebration of my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary...I can only hope Doug & I live long enough to celebrate that!). Now, I'm probably not taking one of my dips, but I thought, hey, it's a great recipe for sharing!! (This is why I forget so many brain likes to wander a bit!!) Let's hope I can find a picture eventually, or I may just have to make it for fun (yes, I do that, doesn't everybody?)


8oz pkg cream cheese (softened)
8 oz sour cream
1 pkg of ranch or taco seasoning (depending on dip you're making)
Shredded lettuce (buying a package at store makes this part easy)

Diced tomatoes (for "speed" pour a can of petit diced tomatoes into colander & rinse)
Bacon bits (I use the soft bacon pieces, you can always cook a lb & crumble-this is for BLT DIP ONLY)
1 pkg shredded cheese (I "taco blend"-this is for TACO DIP ONLY)

Use mixer to blend cream cheese & sour cream til smooth
Add in seasoning packet (you may want to start with half a packet & add more to taste, I buy my seasoning in shakers & don't really measure)
Spread mixture in bottom of 9X9 pan (I have a glass one I use for prettier presentation)
Spread a layer of shredded lettuce
Spread a layer of tomatoes
Spread a layer of cheese or bacon bits, depending on dip being prepared

Done! See? That's it! AWESOME when you forget you have a party/event/potluck to attend until the last minute! I can make this in less than 15 minutes (not counting softening of cream cheese, which if this IS last minute, it'll soften on the way home from the store)! Now, I'll do my best to find a picture at home & add it, if not...snack for Sat & I'll add it then!! :-D

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