Sunday, October 20, 2013

End of the Year (by the old heath-dweller way of thinking) mindfullness project

 I don't know what it is, but something about the change from autumn to winter always feels like the end of the year to me. So much more so than the ACTUAL end of the (calendar) year.  Maybe it's because the days are noticeably shortened at this point, especially here in Wyoming where it has already snowed a few times, or maybe it's because I look forward to the holiday season coming up, so that feels more like a beginning than an end, I don't know. But whatever the reason, I feel like now is a good time of the year to take stock, and think out my goals for the upcoming season and year ahead.

I'd like to be spawning at this time next year. Or at least in (active) progress towards that. I'm going to be 34 here in what feels like a minute, and I'm reaching the end of the "easier" or "safer" years of potential on that front. Which means getting the married portion out of the way- not because I feel the whole "traditional family dynamics" is a must, but just for the practical reasons of financial and legal crossed T's and dotted I's.  Why do I think having a kid around October is ideal? Well, reaching the bloated whale portion of pregnancy once the torments of August have gone seems pretty important. Plus? Halloween birthday parties! Am I seriously the only one that thinks of this kind of thing?? Sure, there's no way to be certain of exactly when you're going to get a delivery, but at least being mindful of WHY a particular season would suit you for having a child doesn't hurt.

I'd like to have the trim re-painted on the house and the patio re-paved this coming spring. Those projects are mapped out in my head, but it helps to have it written down to keep it in my head, nice and front-&-center, to help me remember to save up my pennies to pay for paint and sand and concrete mix. If I can get Chris motivated on a reasonably warm(ish) day here shortly, we will be able to finish out the two fence panels that act as the end of the patio area and wind block. Once it's daylight, I will be able to add a before picture of the single panel that's up. It's not in bad shape, but it's not doing much to protect the patio, which is why that needed an upgrade. Odd jobs of the past sometimes come back to give you useful tools later, I guess. :)

(insert pic here)

I'd like to finish the new table top for the kitchen. Our kitchen is tiny. But I'd like to be able to have more than the two of us sit down to a meal or crafting in there without feeling like I'm bumping elbows with every breath. So this summer I found a cheap table where I could take the existing top off the base and create my own, sized just for the corner it needs to cozy up into. I even bought the wood to make it this summer, just have been lacking the motivation to finish. At least I got myself to finish the second bench to go along with the storage bench that Chris's mom and Sharon made for me two years ago, when they came to visit for Frontier Days. The cushions even got done this week! There really IS light at the end of this project!
Seriously, ideas are my strong point. ACTUALLY FINISHING A PROJECT? That's a whole 'nother ball of wax.

Speaking of finished projects, I'd like to get my geeky motherboard clock finished, and there are some beading projects lurking, and some sewing projects... ugh, goal one for the new year: FINISH THE FREAKING PROJECT! Doesn't matter what it is, just finish it before moving on to the next.

Goal two? A serious look, with Chris, at the house layout- (or moving) should we spawn,  it is more practical for me to stay home and babysit again full time than to shell out more than I make some months (seriously, the cheapo daycare skank center costs 1300 a month!) on daycare. Which means that 3rd bedroom in the basement wither needs to be the new office or our new bedroom. Neither will be best option, but either would be better than having the kid room down there. And, If Chris is offered the 15 year retirement, he plans to take it, so we would either need to plan on living here permanently, or be looking at houses somewhere else with daycare of 1-2 in mind. (spawning under the care of Tricare also means less out-of-pocket costs too... see? I can be practical)

Reorganizing craft storage. This is just too big and important to fall under some vague goal idea. Right now, my craft supplies run amok in the office, and share sterilite drawers with my underthings. Nope, no dresser or bureau here.... which means, clothing needs to be better organized along with this project. :-P   I've purged my closet ruthlessly this summer, and still have about 3 drawers worth of purging to do if I want to share Chris's dresser, or just use my closet. I suspect this project will be lifelong.The bonus being that I'm learning WHAT my style is, and how to pick pieces that work in multiple ways rather than just for one outfit, and that buying the more expensive, but better-lasting quality pieces in classic styles will help me avoid the "I have nothing to wear" doldrums. So there's that.

And the final goal? Learning how to prevent dog-stank. Seriously, D, how the eff does one dog stink so badly??? He just has rank B.O. Naturally oily skin, coupled with too big to routinely bathe, coupled with being a digger I guess. (Dog boots, the poor bastage is going to be stuck in dog boots soon if I can't get him to stop digging up the flower beds) Also? HE FARTS. A FREAKING LOT. WHich he just did, while laying behind my chair. SO he's wrapping this up, and escaping the room :)

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