Sunday, October 20, 2013

kitchen update: spice rack, aka, Ikea, I love thee

I had almost an entire cabinet for spices. Not one of the skinny cabinets, either. It's now down to one shelf in the cabinet, thanks to Ikea. :D

Six baskets, lots of little spice jars and some printable pantry labels saved two shelves, which got the bread box off the counter, and quite a few other random kitchen bits tucked away. I wish I had put the jars in the bottom row before putting the top row in- they're about 1/16th of an inch too close together and I need to tilt the lower jars kind of awkwardly to get the out, but it's so close, I'm not going to put six new holes in the wall. It only took about 3 times of grabbing things off the bottom row to get the tilt and lift move down pat anyhow.

That same Ikea trip also netted me some cabinet door pulls, which became rails on the bathroom cabinet for hanging up wet washcloths. I don't know why, but just having them hung on the edge of the sink drove me bonkers!

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  1. Where did you get the jars? I WANT!! I have an entire 2 shelves in the kitchen for spices & then some! I'll have to go driving for Ikea though. Gotta LOVE small towns!