Sunday, October 20, 2013

Wreck It Ralph Halloween...on a budget!

My kiddos love Halloween. ALMOST as much as their mother, but not quite. It'll come, I'm sure. Usually, we have years where random things get thrown together to make costumes such as last year, where we had King Arthur, Glinda the Good Witch, & Ghost Rider. 

Halloween 2012
Well, that's all well & good, but THIS year, they went with a theme! Way to make it easy on mom, right? So it was off on a major mission to find all the goodies we'd need to have a Wreck-It-Ralph Halloween. Thankfully, mom can google, so I found THIS: Wreck It Ralph Costumes to make my list!

So we turned these Goodwill finds....(who knew cheap scrubs would turn out to make good overalls?)


 Into THIS!! Thank goodness for already having the hands as a Christmas gift!

I'm gonna wreck it!


Next, we started working on Fix It Felix, Jr. Thankfully, work boots, blue shirt, jeans & tool belt were already in the closet! We just had to get the hat right!

So, paper plate (I wanted the "patch" stiff, but easy to attach) & some artistic flair, combined with a hat from the box in the closet....

I'd say we have a pretty good copy goin on!!

Now, to find the toy red hammer I had stashed in order to spray paint it gold to complete the look! Along with some work gloves. Dad has them stashed...somewhere! Sorry wasn't in time for the post!

Fix It Felix--whoop, whoop!!

Now, the boys were easy. We HAD most of it, or they were simple fixes. Vanellope Von Schweetz...that took some work!

First, her mis-matched tights! All of the instructions I had found had me finding that just right shade of green tights & using a bleach pen. I took a pair of not-so-white tights we already had, and raided the sharpie box!! Cardboard tubes from paper rolls (thank goodness Grannie works for a printing company) were perfect to stretch 'em out & color! (Though I was going to go with a pool noodle if this didn't pan out).
This is rather a normal face for her!
We started out just drawing lines & coloring it in. That was taking QUITE a while!

So we started stretching & coloring a bit faster! And then of course, that color green only lasted one leg. So her right leg doesn't quite match, but hey, it's Halloween, it works!!

Next, the licorice hair tie for her pony tail! Braided yarn! Took 9 strands & made 3 small braids, which I then braided those into one large braid to tie around her ponytail. Clear elastics held the ends together. 

Now, to get the "candy" pieces for her hair.  I took advantage of an already cut up paper plate to keep the candy "stiff" & again, the sharpie box is my friend! (If you use them a lot, the packs of 24 colors is worth the buy!!)

I was leery of just "sticking" them to her hair directly, even for an hour or two, so I compromised. Tape & bobby-pins work wonders, with a few of her own brightly colored hair clips to add some color...and to control her hair.

And we have....Vanellope Von Schweetz!!

We found the jacket at Goodwill, and the skirt & boots were (again) thankfully something already in her closet!!

 I'm thinking of finding her a black "clip-in" pony tail & using some black temporary hair spray, but she IS only doesn't have to be perfect, right?

So, this was our successful less than $20 Halloween extravaganza for the year! Thanks for sticking it out with me! Three descriptions is rather wordy, huh?

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