Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I am not quite out of the paycheck to paycheck stage of my life yet. I'm getting better at scrimping, saving, & putting away those pennies. One at a time. I've got a retirement plan going, even if my day to day savings are rather...sparse.

Some days though, if I had a fairy godmother, I think I'd go for just a couple of months of being adopted/sponsored/taken in by somebody who was WAY better off than I am financially speaking. To just enjoy anything my heart desires, even if it's silly. But just for a little bit.

I don't know that I'd want that much money for the rest of my life though. I think about it & I want to get to the point where the bills are paid with no juggling & stretching. A breakdown or blowout can happen & it's an inconvenience rather than a major catastrophe. And I can give to this charity or cause with impunity & not worry about if it's a tax write off, because I don't want to be THAT rich that I NEED to funnel funds, but I'd like to be well off enough that I live like I do now...without the hassles.

Am I dreaming, or just impatient? A little of both I believe. I'll get there. I might be my mom's age, but I'll get there. It won't happen overnight, or over the next 5 years. (Too many fixes needed on our house...and I have kids, so really!) But it'll happen!

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  1. Days like today when a check clears early & I get ambitious & pay a bill ahead of time...and I realize we're gonna suffer for another week & a half...makes it MUCH more obvious! *sigh*